Thursday, August 12, 2010


No man is worth your tears, 
And when you find the one who is, 
He will never make you cry.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a surprise b-lated birthday cake!

 thank you so muc!

why u always giving this kind of surprise...
btw.. aso remind me...i been working here for 2 yers~

Monday, May 3, 2010

23rd birthday bash!-- part 4

26th April 2010
i officially turning 23rd years old!

so touch when my big sis n her hubby decided to 
celebrate wiv me although jus having dinner
but then they al coming down al the way to mv..
right after work...

else i aso duno wat happen m i on tat day
s it happened to me a #$%&# incident..

in office
ther're ppl treating me Pepper Lunch
hmm yummy.good choice if u wan somethin hot serving
if u r black pepper lover, u'll like it so muc!

after lunch,
my dept happened to buy me a  present fr Charles & Keith
seriously, i was shocked to get this
n i din knw it's a shoes...
whic some1 admitted tat i tried on b4
(but i din...+ tat's aint my style!) 
m cracking head when i said tat...
but then i stil received it as tat's ppl's 心意
so i tried on tat shoes on the spot
gosh... tat's aint my size la
so i followed ppl al the way down to lobby to get the receipt
so tat i can go change myself after work
this's really ruin my mood seriously
after work, i rushed to the shop n make the changing
but the promoter told me tat's the oni size left
so i asked for others colors too but al the common size 
 fully SOLD OUT
n the promoter said i cant go other outlets
oni can make redemption ther
after trying on others shoes
i fed up n of cos not in a mood
n the rude promoter too
felt so frustrated bout me
trying on so many shoes
i almos taking few rounds the whole shop 
hoping to find somethin tat catch my eyes
i decided to choose bag after the shoes
but ther'r mostly girly n woman handbags
whic aint my style too
sigh sigh sigh
im wondering around ther for almos an hour
so i simply grab a bag tat looks like a 公事包
whic is abit 个性
to replace the shoes
but then i stil need to top up around rm40 for tat
al in al, i really thanks both of them...
comin down to comfort me wiv a warm dinner
at least i no need to blac face/long face the whole nite

p/s: i dun like ppl giving me 鞋as a present!

ok ok ok
forgot about al these unhappy memories

ther's always a rainbow after the rain.
(a quote fr a fren to me)

 here i go

nahhhhhh, al my birthday pressie
(sori for the quality of the pic.. i took by my hp>_<) 

super thanks to al my frens that gav me pressie!
i felt so glad to hav al of u!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

23rd birthday bash!-- part 3

-25 April-
 another birthday celebration 
lunching wiv claire,eva,edwin in
Mache @ The Curve
thanks claire for the instant pic! i tat so muc!
  gals camhoring around... credit to edwin. 
(p/s: y i'm here --photographer?!) 

after lunch, v were camhoring 38-ing around wiv claire's new toy cam
just to finis up the film...=P

here i go
another birthday treat from a fren
after a few rounds in the mall, v decided to try
Yuzu Japanese Restaurant @ The Gardens

i heard it's the sister restaurant of Ninja Jones, 
the interior oozes a warm and welcoming ambiance. 
as u walked in further, you'll noticed the restaurant is rather large 
with each corner decorated in a different setting altogether. 
there are "rooms" or rather separated dining area for groups according to sizes 
as well if you requested for one.

they serve a really nice food too
but jus one thing i wan to comment- pls change the menu!
LOL 我的职业病又发作了

lastly, i got a choco dessert fr delicious too
Turquoise color
the blackforest dessert

23rd birthday bash!--Part 2

-24 April-

 cupcake @ wondermilk, damansara uptown
 i the expresso one, others mayb too sweet for me
luckily ck finished tat...XD

the excited ck with her 2 cute cupcakes

after the sweet desserts, we felt like taking some light lunch
so after a round off at the area, v found this
whic v suddenly tot of craving something hot for our tummy

here v go--our next station
YHK Seafood Yong Tau Fu @ Damansara Uptown
we ordered some yong tau fu , lou sui fan,wantan mee,
pumpkin barlery drink
taken from a food blogger's pic... 
this is the pumpkin barley drink whic ck ordered
u shud see her expression after tasted that drink..wahaha...
then i offered my lo han guo to b share wiv her
after sending ck's to kl central

catching the ice-kacang puppy love movie wiv another fren

b4 tat, i heard ppl's review that the ending part mayb gam dong
i may need tissue paper
but u knw wad... i din make it...LOL
but al in al, a big applause to director, ah niu
he make the whole movie so warm yet meaningful to all of us

p/s the female main character-李心洁 whic jus got married 
is my 师姐 of SMK Keat Hwa..
felt so proud of her, my hometown n my secondary school too

after the movie, v had our dinner at
Zens Korean BBQ @ One Bangsar

a cozy restaurant which operated by a family of Korean
they served a few type of korean food whic v seldom have 
in others korean restaurant
if u r a kimchi lover, i tink u'll like this restaurant so muc
they serve the most spicy kimchi soup after the one in SS2
(above the King's bakery)
that's just my own reviews
 nice food, nice ambient n of cos "nice" price too
the dessert after food- snow ice@ice kacang

Saturday, May 1, 2010

23rd birthday bash!-- part 1

this year, my actual birthday falls on Monday
n so it happened that i got a really full-packed weekend
before the actual day!

-23 April-
Neway, Jaya Square + superb buffet dinner

ck,kailing & me
thanks kailing for celebrating our big day(ck & me) wiv us!
sacrified her time not to meet her prince in BJ *

a big thumb up for neway dinner buffet!
secret recipe's cake fr kailing... thanks dear
the two 38 birthday gals ^^
yummy chicken fillet
kampai *chilled*

p/s  all the pictures above --> my las pic fr my panasonic lumix cam...sob sob

Saturday, April 24, 2010

i wish i wish i wish....

i wish....
i wish...
i wish...
i can have a new panasonic lumix cam......
wiv the wide angle +  superb macro mode lens...

now m looking forward n saving for my nex brand new panasonic lumix cam again...
any recommended wiv resonable price???

i really need it b4 i m leaving to UK dis coming July...

i wish my dream would come true!

but i knw...
depending on what kind of dreams, it is different to obtain. 
But if it is something in real life, 
I guess the only way to make it come true is to work your goal towards that direction. 
Nothing is dropped from the sky and 
you can't rlly wish upon a shooting star everytime you want to make your dreams come true. 
But if you work for it, you can definitely make it come true!

so, pls do intro me mor freelances to make my dream come true.
anyone? kindly enuf to help me work towards my GOAL(new camera)?

Friday, April 23, 2010

my love is gone...

my love is gone

my panasonic lumix FS15 is not working anymor
i really feel like crying...

Tat's my precious gadget which i 'll bring everywhere
tat's my hard earn $ 
tat's my very first digital cam
tat's the best camera i had
tat's one of my precious gift for myself
tat's the gadget tat i'll bring it anywher bside my hp
tat's my precious item tat help to capture al the memories of my life
tat's where my passion of photography go...

because of an incident tat happened btw me n my best fren...
which i had to hold off my tears fr dropping at the time i found out my camera is really in HURT
the pain inside my heart, it's tearing me apart
when the time i saw the camera
i couldn't really believe my own eyes

有种预感- 救不了!!!!
the lenssss -----the most important part!
i really feel like crying......
how how how.....i really duno wat to do
it's really ruinned my excitement for the whole weekend
it's really gets me down!
why why why
it's happened on this time???!!!
and why why why
it's happened on me???!!!